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Evaluation Point 3 – Analytic’s and Facebook feedback on Music Video

Average View Duration PROMISES! Country info PROMISES! Variation of different country analytics PROMISES!

Above our analytic’s off of youtube from our music video. The photo directly above shows the different countries (represented by different coloured lines) of who watched our video.

We can see from these statistics that our music video was very successful because in the space of 3 weeks we have seen 540 views on our video and over 10 likes. This means that our audience(s) like the way we have shot the film and generally love the music video. However, we do not have any comments yet on the video. Which shows that if we were to try and advertise this video through social media and in the real world, we would have to do a lot more advertising through pages such as Reddit and Twitter and possibly even promote our video through facebook pages etc.

Below is just a short example of feedback from our friends off of Facebook – Also showing the amount of ‘likes’ we got for the video.

Facebook feedback 1 PROMISES!Facebook feedback 2 PROMISES!

Evaluation Task 1 – My media product and the ways it challenges and develops forms and conventions of real media products

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 4.04.35 pm


*Above is my 9 key screen shots from my own media product.
*The following pictures our real media examples that correlate to our own music video.


  1. This establishing shot shows our two main characters having an intimate relationship which is a very common characteristic of modern electronic/house music. This shot also shows that there is a narrative in the music video. An example of the same shot being used in a real world music video would be in Taylor Swifts ‘I knew you were Trouble’: Two hands holding - identical shot
  2. This shot shows the main singer/actress lip syncing with the words. This is how we showed performance however generally in the electronic genre, performance is not the main focus for the music video, performance is more shown in dance music. This has gone against conventions of real media of our genre.
    performance of solo singer (female) (also anamophic)
  3. In this shot we see that the music video was filmed with a Anamorphic lens because of the obvious orange flare. Filming in anamorphic is very popular with electronic music videos such as Endorphins by Sub focus. We decided to use this type of lens for our music video, because it makes out video look more professional and therefore increase its production value.
    Main female protgonist with back light
  4. In this shot we included Product Placement by showing a Range Rover in the foreground with that actor getting inside the car. This is most common with big name artists/bands and the reason we have done this is because we didnt need to remove any product placement nor did we have the time to.
  5. This shot shows the furthering of the narrative within the music video by showing conflict between the two main characters. This is very common with real media products such as, again, Sub Focus by Endorphins.
    Swat team hand signals
  6. In this shot we showed the female character starting to interact with the male character. Furthermore by having the male and female character in the same shot, interacting with each other, and having some faster action (with a car) we have kept our audience interested with the music video. Music videos do this often as to stop their video becoming dry and being boring.
  7. The main challenge in our music video that we had to ‘contend’ with within our genre was using VFX in our music video. Which is very popular with electronic music video too. We used a ‘glitch’ effect to link it with the music video’s narrative of hacking a system. This is very popular not only in our genre of music but throughout the music video world.
  8. In our music video we filmed it at 60fps and played back the footage at 24fps. We did this to create a slow motion effect that is almost always used in dance, pop and electronic music video’s. This is mainly done because ‘it looks cool’ but we also did it because it was able to tell the narrative more easily to the viewer as they can clearly see what’s happening. This shot also shows the two main characters interacting with each other.
    Swat Team member close up looking
  9. In this shot we used a projector to project the same ‘hacking type’ over the main female character face to add another perspective on the performance aspect. This mixes the narrative with previously shown shots from earlier in the video.
    RGB split with prjection and smoke

Audience feedback on Mock Advert


Above is one persons feedback about my mock up advert. All points said by Jemma and Ed are very good and i will be doing the following changes to my magazine advert:

  1. Adding a release date and album title and making both more centred.
  2. Put QR code, Production companies and logo’s in an appropriate order
  3. edit the original photo a bit. (remove car on front cover of digipak)
  4. Add reviews from trusted magazines/people.